Best Black Friday Deals on CBD Products

Finding those amazing gifts for the people you love on your gift list is everything right now.  Don’t stress. CBD is so popular and with a wide array of beneficial products available on the market, the possibilities for gift options are limitless. We’ve gathered the best Black Friday deals on CBD products so you can relax, shop and take advantage of amazing offers on the web.

For Your Favorite Influencer:  The best CBD for skincare for anyone who loves to pamper their skin comes from MOOD Skincare.  CALM Facial Serum is an amazing way to calm the skin and their mood!  It is infused with soothing natural lavender and features broad-spectrum CBD to effectively reduce inflammation as well as repair and nourish skin.  Especially powerful for anyone who deals with problematic skin or acne breakouts, CALM Facial Serum helps heal and speed relief, plus it is safe for all skin types.  An infusion of Vitamin C at 15% concentration is used for antioxidant powers to repair damaged cells. The best CBD for skincare is broad-spectrum and naturally processed several times to make sure it does not include any psychoactive ingredients so it will never produce a high in the person using it.

Shop it here and on Black Friday, you’ll get a deep discount of 60% off all merchandise on the MOOD Skincare site:


Stress Relief for the Snack Monsters in Your Life:  Giving the gift of stress relief and relaxation is the greatest gift you can give. With GoGummies from GoCBD, it is also yummy! The best CBD gummies, these are produced with Broad Spectrum CBD and provide all the benefits of CBD but none of the psychoactive effects of THC so there’s never the sensation of being high. GoGummies are the perfect way to achieve on the go stress reduction, anxiety relief and even help with getting a better night’s sleep.  The best CBD gummies are free of toxins, chemicals and additives and are made of locally sourced ingredients from the United States. 

Shop it here and on Black Friday, enjoy 40% off the entire GoCBD site:



For the furry ones in your life:  You treat your pets like family so spoil them this holiday season with the best CBD for pets! If your dog is having stress from separation anxiety or your kitty has become a scaredy cat, you can bring out the best in your pet with Citizens Hemp Pet CBD Tincture.  It has been compounded to support the well-being of your favorite pets.  Since dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems just like humans do, they benefit from CBD in the same way.  Just drop some Pet Tincture into their food, water or treats. And speaking of treats, spoil your furry crew with the best CBD for pets in the form of beef and chicken flavored treats!

Shop it here and on Black Friday and take advantage of Citizens Hemp’s Pet BOGO – buy a 500 MG Pet Tincture and get a 250MG pet treat absolutely free:

With the best Black Friday deals on CBD products, you’ll be the gift giving guru of your friends and loved ones.  We won’t tell if you stock up for yourself, too!