Are you a wellness professional or business owner and are thinking about adding hemp products to your line?  Now is the perfect time. 

We’re entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping fellow businesses and individual consumers achieve success.  That’s why we created a wholesale program, collaborating with approved businesses and professionals to resell our products.  

If it sounds like we’re speaking to you, contact our talented team of experts to help take your business to the next level at: 


We understand that the hemp market can be overwhelming and is fraught with sub-par products and a lack of transparency.  That’s why we have committed to creating a consistently excellent caliber of products, backed by a team that is powered by professionalism and expertise.  Friendly and knowledgeable, our team can guide you through the process from discovering the line on our catalogue to the moment when our products hit your shelves. 

Our philosophy is built on communication, transparency, attentiveness and accountability among our partners.  We maintain long term, personal relationships with our suppliers and work tirelessly to make sure that these relationships are as stress-free and professional as possible. 

Our passion is CBD and as long-time consumers ourselves, we’re always innovating to bring to market the absolute latest products and innovations in the industry, paired with the ultimate customer service experience.