CBD Facts You Never Knew

Of course you’ve run across info about CBD but how much do you know about this phenomenon?  You may just be surprised. Cannabidiol or CBD comes from the cannabis sativa plant and is one of more than 100 cannabinoids.  Harvested in Central Asia, CBD was used medicinally for the first time, oh, around 750 B.C. Let’s deep dive into CBD facts you need to know.

*CBD might be a powerful ally in helping addicts recover.  A light has been shown on CBD for its ability to serve as an alternative for managing addictive behaviors.  Research has uncovered that serotoninergic receptors are activated by CBD and it can help to control compulsive behaviors as well as manage stress responsive in a positive way. Since we know that serotonin receptors are essential in regulating the behavior of looking for drugs, this is ground breaking information and can help people in recovery deal with the stress that can often lead to relapse.

*Pets are helped by CBD.  Have a pup stressed out with separation anxiety or a fraidy cat marking her territory?  CBD can help your furry friends, since they have an endocannabinoid system just like humans.  Benefits include physical positives like relief from achy muscles, sore joints and itchy skin plus anxiety relief.  It is simple to include CBD into their day to day routine by dropping CBD oil into their food or water or by finding pet treats that contain CBD.

*CBD’s first official extraction occurred in 1940 by Roger Adams, a Harvard University grad.  When tested on lab animals in 1946, initial results showed promise, proving that CBD didn’t contain intoxicating effects. Ralph Mechoulam, who is often thought of as the person who discovered CBD, identified its chemical structure in 1947.  So much for CBD being a new fad!

*The first strain of CBD was named “Hippie’s Disappointment” due to its lack of THC, the cannabinoid that produces a high.  This strain of CBD was later renamed Charlotte’s Web after Charlotte Figi, a young girl in Colorado who suffered from Dravet syndrome, who found immediate relief from epileptic seizures, decreasing hundreds of seizures a week to only 2 or 3 per month.  Figi became known in the medical marijuana movement and helped to support U.S. legislation on medical marijuana.

*CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same.  Most CBD tinctures and other products come from hemp, but hemp oil is not the same.  When CBD oil is made, it comes from the entire hemp plant.  Hemp oil is actually processed from the seeds of the hemp.  The benefits are not the same and if you’re shopping for CBD oil, it is important to note that hemp oil does not contain CBD.

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