Father’s Day CBD Gift Guide

Your Dad is the best! But Dads can be notoriously difficult to shop for – we're looking at all those ties hanging in his closet that never actually were worn – and traditional Father’s Day gifts quickly become stale after Dad has all of the BBQ accessories and toolsets he’ll ever need. Luckily for you and your Dad, Citizens Hemp has a range of lifestyle products that are bound to bring a smile to his face this year. And for those Dads who might be curious about the world of CBD but still unsure, these products offer a great introduction to the world of cannabinoids in a way that is safe and non-psychoactive.

One of CBD’s most celebrated benefits is its anti-inflammatory effects. Helping raise kids is no simple task, one that definitely involves its fair share of inflammation-inducing activities, so show Dad your appreciation with the gift of Premium CBD Tincture Broad Spectrum to help battle inflammation and alleviate soreness. A few drops placed under the tongue or mixed into his favorite beverage and Dad can enjoy relief from arthritis pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms and more in just 10-40 minutes.

Of course, a diet filled with vitamin rich fruits and vegetables is another important way to fight inflammation, but if a plate of leafy greens isn’t Dad’s idea of an ideal Father’s Day meal, he can still enjoy some high-quality CBD derived from the green leaves of an organic, locally grown hemp plant.

CBD Freeze Gel
Whether from working out in the gym or wrangling the kids around the house, most likely your Dad has developed his fair share of aches and pains over the years. Enter our CBD Freeze Gel. It delivers targeted relief to sore muscles and accelerates the recovery process. Forget those pungent, goopy topical pastes – our all-natural, botanical blend skips the medicated smell and leaves skin smooth and moisturized.

If Dad’s guilty pleasure is the combustion of plant material with fire, or if he’s looking to specifically enjoy the benefits of CBD through inhalation rather than digestion or cream application, we’ve got you covered. Citizens Hemp offers joints that let Dad enjoy the distinct flavors of hemp’s cannabinoids and terpenes in a convenient, smokable experience.

The result? A calm and relaxed state that arrives shortly after a deep inhale and exhale. Perfect for when he’s trying to grab a moment of Zen amongst all of parenthood’s chaos, delivering all the clarity and happiness without the high of THC. Citizens Hemp joints are pre-rolled with organic CBD hemp paper, ensuring that Dad is getting a perfectly rolled joint with the highest quality ingredients both inside and out.

Father’s Day Offer:
In honor of Dad’s everywhere, Citizens Hemp is holding a Father’s Day celebration event, with every purchase of  Citizens Hemp’s broad spectrum CBD oil get a CBD Pre Roll free. Valid until June 20, 2021.

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