Is CBD Oil Safe? [VIDEO]

Thinking of trying CBD? Excellent!  When deciding to use CBD products, do your research to make sure you’re getting the premium CBD products. Pure, potent CBD products can provide a host of benefits, including a mood boost, pain relief and help with stress management. Numerous early studies have shown lab-tested CBD oil to be safe for topical and oral consumption without addictive side effects.



Citizens Hemp CBD oil is 100% pure and comes in a variety of potencies: 500MG1000MG1500MG and 2500MG. Always non-GMO, lab-tested for safe consumption, and our Certificates of Analysis are publicly available on our site for easy access. We're proud to only use American-grown, 100% organic hemp and independently batch test the final product to ensure the safest consumption every single time. 


What is our process?  We extract CBD using CO2, a method that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to take as many desirable cannabinoids from a hemp plant as possible, giving you an entourage effect. And we never use solvents such as butane, which contain nasty chemical residues.  This ensures a premium CBD product each time. Experts agree that it’s a cleaner and healthier process, and that’s why we swear by it.


Citizens Hemp currently offers CBD flowerCBD oil tinctures, pre-rolled CBD joints, CBD Freeze Gel Broad Spectrum, and a growing line of CBD products for pets. Our promise is to create easy-to-use products that are packed with benefits, including:

  • Relaxed focus (no caffeine jitters)
  • Relieve muscular pain and joint aches
  • Help with sleep without addictive properties


Importantly, if you take any medications or have an ailment, we recommend consulting your doctor before using therapeutic CBD oil as it can interact adversely with some medications.